TopWare Interactive releases Planets Under Attack for PC and MAC
Publisher takes strategy gaming to space
TopWare Interactive is proud to announce the publication of the space-faring strategy game "Planets Under Attack", available at retail and as a digital download on Steam.

Starting today, humanity needs heroes to fight the invading hordes of aliens, insects and robots threatening the galaxy.

In the infinite vastness of the universe, infinite possibilities await. Players can find their talent for dominating other worlds in an easy, beginner-friendly tutorial which teaches the game's unique strategy gameplay.

Various challenges will give even the most industrious players the chance to revise and improve their tactics, including boss planets and other enemies unrelenting in their quest for empire.

Quick matches drop players immediately into the action, allowing novices and hardened veterans alike to wage interplanetary war against the AI or other players of similar skill. Thrilling matches with up to four opponents can let old friends (or complete strangers) decide once and for all who is the penultimate strategist.

An optional Steam code is included in the retail version of "Planets Under Attack." Those who do not wish to use Steam activation, can still take full advantage of all the features of "Planets under Attack".

All versions of the game support 3D.