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Mr. Goodman Mr. Goodman
The game’s protagonist and your alter ego, he (no doubt like you) is clever and very good natured. Perhaps just a tad spoiled by the human economic system. And, unfortunately, he also has a truck-load of debts. But the man has ambition! In his coming space adventure, he plans to become the most successful trader in the galaxy, and will stop at nothing to find the hidden riches of the universe.
Mr. Norrel Mr. Norrel
The tutor of the protagonist, and quite possibly an outrageous jerk.
A fine example of the merciless human commercial system, Mr. Norrell has his mind on his money and his money on his mind. At ALL times.
Mechanicus Mechanicus
He is the “good” robot and famous for the integration of pacifist routines in his central memory. A quite remarkable example of his “species”.
Destrobo Destrobo
He is the “evil” robot, also known as the “Red Warrior”. His routines are focused on aggression and destruction. In fact, peace and goodwill are not even programmed into his circuits.
Arrrgh'ha'ast Arrrgh'ha'ast
He is an alien, and perhaps the physical embodiment of intelligence in this and all universes. Or… he may be a mindless space beast. I suppose you’ll have to find out for yourself.
StrangeDevice Strange Device
This is an artifact from the ancient alien race. It is able to read the protagonist’s mind, but this is not necessarily a good thing, as it seems to have an agenda of its own…
Greedy Thomas Greedy Thomas
He is the protagonist’s rival and completely focused on money. He is in good company though; it seems that many others share his personality and morals down to a T.
Zombie Zombie
Yes, there is also a zombie! A former human, he has been transformed by the powers of the ancient technology, and is quite the unfortunate fellow.