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Planets inhabited by humans
Metropolis Metropolis 
This is the only planet that allows you to grow a population. Population is the main source for taxes and therefore planets with a huge population are crucial for the construction of ships.
Upgrading a metropolis increases its defense slightly. Upgrading the metropolis also increases the maximum capacity of your population. A metropolis can be upgraded three times.
Space fortress Space fortress
A space fortress is not a popular place to live, so it is not very surprising that the population will not grow on its own. It can be increased however, by sending ships to the space fortress. The number of inhabitants does not have an impact on the planet’s weapons, but the number of the population should not be too small, 
  as defenders are needed to protect the planet from being conquered. 
A space fortress attacks all enemy ships within its immediate radius. Once the player owns a space fortress, its power radius glows with the player’s color. The space fortress can be upgraded three times. Upgrades increase the attack speed and the defense of their weapons.
Bank planet
Bank planet
A bank planet does not attract people either, but it produces money every few seconds, even during attacks; a stark contrast to the metropolis. And this is its great advantage: It can effectively double your wealth!
A bank planet has the lowest defensive strength and it cannot be upgraded.
Planets inhabited by robots
Planet populated by robots Planet populated by robots
Unlike the human metropolis, this planet produces energy, not taxes. It can be upgraded up to three times, which slightly increases its defense and the number of potential robots living there is also increased. During the upgrade the planet is vulnerable, as robots use their own body parts to achieve the upgrade.
Space fortress Space fortress
This planet differs in its outer appearance from the humans. It can be upgraded three times, increasing its attack force and fire speed. During the upgrade the planet is vulnerable, as robots use the planet’s population for an upgrade.
Powerplant Powerplant
This is the robot equivalent of the human bank planet. Even in wartimes it produces energy for the energy pool, and it can raise the overall energy pool to level 2. A powerplant cannot be upgraded, and has a weak defense.
From a certain point in the game, all planets can be upgraded into another planet type which enhances the upgrade possibilities of all planets from 3 to 5.