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This is the basic type of gameplay. The goal of this mode is to capture all your opponent's planets and to eliminate all your opponents.
Capture Capture
The goal of this mode is to be the first player to capture a target planet or planets. Of course, if on your way to achieving this goal you happen to eliminate all opponents…well that works just as well.
Domination Domination
The goal in this mode is to capture and hold a specific planet. If you happen to lose the planet to your opponent for a time, the points you’ve accrued won’t be lost. Of course the game is also won when there are no opponents left.
King of the Hill King of the Hill
Here too you must hold specific planets. But contrary to domination, your collected points will be lost if the enemy snatches the planet away from you! If you kill everyone else, then of course you will also win.
Pay Back Pay Back
Here you’ll make the acquaintance of a special planet type inhabited by collectors.  The goal of these sections is to pay a specified amount of money to them. This is important, as they will attack you if you don’t pay fast enough, getting stronger with every successive attack. It is not recommended to move your ships near their planet.
Insecticide Insecticide
Neutral planets are infected with alien’s eggs. If the planets are not captured within a set time limit, the eggs will hatch, unleashing a massive number of aliens. They are quite hostile, and will attack everyone. This mode exists in combination with other modes.