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7. December .2012
TopWare Interactive launched a trial version of their space strategy title "Planets under Attack" today. Developed by Targem Games, "Planets Under Attack" is available for PC, Mac and consoles.   "Planets under Attack" takes place in a fast paced and colorful world, challenging players to amass riches and conquer their enemies.... »
16.November .2012
TopWare Interactive is proud to release the galaxy spanning strategy game "Planets Under Attack" today on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft at the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. With the PC version garnering high praise from the gaming press in recent weeks, now Xbox 360... »
TopWare Interactive is proud to announce the publication of the space-faring strategy game "Planets Under Attack", available at retail and as a digital download on Steam. Starting today, humanity needs heroes to fight the invading hordes of aliens, insects and robots threatening the galaxy. In the infinite vastness of the universe,... »
TopWare Interactive proudly announces the new trailer for "Planets under Attack," developed by the renowned team from Targem Games, the same team responsible for the groundbreaking chess simulator "Battle vs Chess."   Showing the basic mechanics of the game, the video gives a first glimpse of the classic easy to learn, hard to master... »
TopWare Interactive announced today plans to publish longstanding partner Targem Games' new project "Planets under Attack" for the PC, MAC, Xbox 360TM, and Playstation®3. "Planets under Attack" is a strategic interplanetary conflict simulator in which players control one of four available races, managing and deploying their forces to conquer... »