TopWare Enters the Space Race with "Planets under Attack"
Thrilling Strategy Game Launches Players into Intergalactic Conflict
TopWare Interactive announced today plans to publish longstanding partner Targem Games' new project "Planets under Attack" for the PC, MAC, Xbox 360TM, and Playstation®3. "Planets under Attack" is a strategic interplanetary conflict simulator in which players control one of four available races, managing and deploying their forces to conquer enemy regimes.  Foreign galaxies, multiple planetary bodies and diverse enemies all add to the challenge, providing a long-lasting and engaging experience.  The graphical environment blends a unique art style with vital statistics to provide both functionality and space-age splendor.

Employing a number of diverse victory scenarios, each new level of "Planets under Attack" builds upon the previous to incorporate additional depth to gameplay.  Starting with basic planet capture scenarios and building towards mighty boss encounters, players must manage their forces expertly as they seek interstellar dominance over their opponents.  A sound strategy and cool head are paramount to success in choosing when to train new forces, solidify defenses, or launch a massive attack campaign to deliver the final blow.

"The challenging gameplay paired with the exquisite presentation of the game's complex mechanics are sure to find players loosing themselves in the folds of time and space", states TopWare's CEO Alexandra Constandache.

Additional announcements and details on Planets at War are coming soon.

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